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You have acquired XMPie and want to make the most of its potential. Congratulations!

Don't know where to start? VDP Success is ready to help you achieve self-sufficient, sustainable success with your XMPie®-based Variable Data Print (VDP), Cross Media and Web-to-Print applications through the right combination of experience-based strategic planning, knowledge transfer, and hands-on production training. 

Each assignment is as one-of-a-kind as you are.

Your business' unique blend of goals, employees, technologies, and clients determine the approach and scope of each project.

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creating the Foundation

Our mutual goal is that your business strategies are sound and that your team has the necessary skills to support them. We will identify your real-world opportunities, and create your team and processes by implementing actual projects or proofs of concept, so that each new XMPie skill is relevant and remembered. 

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Freelance Production

VDP Success can fill in as a member of your XMPie production team. Set up to work remotely, these production services are available on an ongoing or as needed basis.

The road to success is always under construction

Personalized Services

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Business Development

  • Identifying applications for your market(s)
  • Defining your offering
  • Structuring pricing
  • Messaging for your communications
  • Selecting your sales team
  • Defining your production team
  • Defining your design-to-print workflow
  • Using VDP for internal efficiencies (pre-press, versioning)
  • Future vision to grow into

Sales Support

  • Structuring your sales team
  • Exploring sales methodologies
  • Identifying the low hanging fruit and the lucrative "cash cow" opportunities
  • Strategies for selling to existing clients
  • Strategies for prospecting
  • Giving on-target presentations and demos
  • Participating as subject matter expert in the sales cycle
  • Cost justification models
  • Scoping projects and structuring proposals

Production Training

  • Hands-on, on-the-job planning and development training
  • Project management training and tools
  • Understanding XMPie's cross-functional, integrated workflow
  • Building for expansion and repeatability
  • Spot web-based training as needed during project implementation
  • Team-wide and individual training
  • Utilizing VDP as an internal tool for faster versioning and pre-press layouts

A Helping hand

  • Build your campaigns as you build your staff
  • Pick up the overflow when the workload is heavy
  • Template preparation, logic, tagging
  • Build or add products to storefronts
  • Develop with the XMPie features that you don't use often
     (Cross Media, COD, uImage, XLIM, uEdit, store products)

  • Fill in during staff transitions or vacations
  • Supplementary technical support


XMPie is a complex process, which involves multiple disciplines, affects many steps in the design-to-production process, and is challenging at first.

Regardless, people find something about it, well, surprisingly fun.

VDP Success embraces this attitude in a learn-by-doing approach. Each targeted example, exercise and assignment is provided just when it is needed for the next step in the project. This naturally leads to "little successes" for each team member along the way, "team successes" which illuminate each contribution to the whole and strengthen the team bond, and a "big success" for your company with the resulting motivated staff and smooth processes that support revenue generating strategies.

Let's do this

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Kristin Anderson founded VDP Success in 2008 and has been applying her breadth of experience and focused, efficient startup mentality to XMPie's customers' business needs ever since.

In 2003 she joined XMPie as the Director of Product Marketing, and launched the first releases of many of their products that you use today.

With over 35 years of experience in product marketing, product planning, application development, sales support and digital production at XMPie, EFI, Agfa, Xerox and other digital imaging leaders and high-tech startups, she understands how the XMPie techniques interact with processes and technologies upstream and downstream, and how essential communication and collaboration are to achieving and strengthening a cohesive cross-functional team. 

Many print service providers and onsite enterprise print shops consider Kristin a trusted resource and safety net during initial XMPie projects and as they continue to branch out and grow. 

"What they Think" wanted to know what Kristin thinks about Campaigns-On-Demand, XMPie's  Cross Media feature within their Storeflow Web-to-Print solution. Read the article 

Kristin Anderson Inc. (aka VDP Success) is a woman-owned small business.

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